A Comprehensive Approach to Effective Onboarding


Most onboarding programs in the marketplace simply tell you what to do without telling you how to achieve it. PowerStart Onboarding provides the complete package for effective onboarding: the “what” plus the skills and best practices needed to do it well.

We do that in nine online modules—one that presents the roadmap (the “what”) and eight sequential critical skills courses that support it by delivering just-in-time knowledge:

  • Navigating the Onboarding Process (the roadmap)
  • Getting-Started Communications
  • Managing the Boss Relationship
  • Setting Goals and Achieving Early Wins
  • Fitting into the Culture
  • Leading Change
  • Developing a High-Performance Team
  • Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes
  • Coaching for Improved Performance
Through these nine modules, PowerStart Onboarding delivers the comprehensive management development and best-practice guidance required for effective onboarding of any leader. Schedule a demo today to see the PowerStart Onboarding difference.

“The program’s structured approach to my onboarding process actually saved me time by making all my leadership to-do’s very efficient.” — Department General Manager, Houston, Texas