The PowerStart Onboarding System Timeline


The PowerStart Onboarding system is delivered in four phases, each designed to give the new leader vital guidance when it’s needed. It’s an interactive onboarding checklist, with action items presented when they will make the most impact.

  • Phase One—Pre-Start: This phase of our onboarding system begins before the new position officially does. It gives the new leaders the chance to understand the organization’s strategy, goals, and challenges. The new managers or executives also start to determine operating priorities and a strategy for addressing the challenges.
  • Phase Two—First Month: New leaders begin this phase by clarifying their role and understanding what their boss and the greater organization expect of them. With their boss’s help, they identify key stakeholders and start to build important relationships with them, join the social networks, and gather information on how the organization works. These insights help new leaders identify and focus on a few dynamic early wins.
  • Phase Three—Months Two and Three: This phase focuses on establishing important relationships, networks, and coalitions to build personal influence—a key to-do on the new-hire onboarding checklist. The executives and managers also lay the foundation for needed changes and implement a team development plan.
  • Phase Four—Months Four and Beyond: In this final part of the PowerStart Onboarding system, the new leaders make key decisions that align strategy, structure, people, processes, and metrics. They continue to make progress on the early-win objectives and refine their business plan.

“I simply could not have accomplished what I did, as soon as I did, without the PowerStart Onboarding program. It positioned me for success.” — AVP-Marketing, Santa Barbara, California