Online Onboarding for Leaders at All Levels


Our online onboarding program features tracks targeted to specific groups of newly placed leaders:

  • Managers (through VP level): PowerStart Onboarding addresses the urgent need to support these individuals who need to assimilate quickly and avoid the common onboarding missteps. This online onboarding program provides vital management development plus the guidance they need to face immediate challenges and make the expected positive impact.
  • Emerging leaders: PowerStart Onboarding is also designed to offer management development and training for talented individuals who are identified as future leaders. Proactive development of this group will add to their skilled performance now and prepare them for future leadership opportunities.
  • Executives: PowerStart Onboarding’s online program is a valuable component of a proven system for newly placed executives. When used in conjunction with personalized PowerStart Onboarding coaching, it provides extensive onboarding support—leadership skills, tools, resources, and expert advice.

“The positive feedback we received through our user surveys, and continue receiving from unsolicited testimonials, has reinforced the great value of the PowerStart Onboarding program. — AVP-Leadership Development, San Antonio, Texas