Emerging Leader Development: A Key Focus of PowerStart Onboarding Training


Traditional onboarding training is designed for current leaders, not for those in line for future leadership. But we believe that thinking is short-sighted. The PowerStart Onboarding program includes a separate track designed for these high-potential employees. Our onboarding training gives them the tools they’ll need to excel today and in their future leadership roles.

By investing in the onboarding training and leadership skills development of your best employees now, you’ll enhance their career development—a great tool for retention—and ensure they’re ready to take on leadership roles when your company needs them.

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“During the past four years we institutionalized the PowerStart program at all levels of management. As a result, our promotable talent who first used the program for their leadership development are now using it for onboarding support after their promotion to a more senior management role.” — Director-Learning Systems, San Antonio, Texas