Executive Onboarding the PowerStart Way


Senior executives—whether promoted from within or hired into the organization—need a customized executive onboarding program to help them start contributing right away. Success in past positions often doesn’t translate to a new role or new environment, and any onboarding approaches these executives have learned from former bosses may not be based on best practices.

PowerStart Onboarding provides the support new executives need to begin contributing the right way … right away.

Our executive onboarding program usually begins before the new job does, and it continues for at least the first four critical months. It supports and accelerates organizational learning, building key relationships, avoiding common missteps, and achieving performance expectations.

PowerStart Onboarding for senior executives consists of two parts: 1) executive coaching and 2) the online PowerStart Onboarding program, which supports and enhances the coaching. The coach—provided by either your organization or ours—gives personalized, customized guidance. The program’s high-tech complement to coaching offers instant access to extensive executive onboarding support—leadership skills, tools, resources, and expert advice.

You recruited or promoted your new executives to meet specific business needs. Give them the tools to help them do that: Give them the Powerstart executive onboarding program, and watch what they accomplish.

“As an executive experienced in starting new positions, I believed I wouldn’t need the PowerStart program and coaching in my current onboarding—that I would do everything the program was reminding me to do without its help. The truth is that I wouldn’t have! The program provided valuable guidance.” — Senior Vice President, Basking Ridge, New Jersey