PowerStart New Manager Onboarding


Most new manager onboarding programs aren’t really onboarding. At least not how we think of it. They’re simply access to forms, and maybe a short orientation designed to introduce the new hire to the company or promoted manager to the new position.

PowerStart Onboarding takes new manager onboarding programs to another level: the level needed for success. Our self-directed program designed especially for newly placed managers (first-time and experienced) shows them step by step how to navigate their new role using best-practice approaches and quickly make a positive impact.

PowerStart Onboarding provides new managers with onboarding guidance that includes:

  • A detailed map of the onboarding process.
  • Essential specialized leadership tools.
  • A support structure of the new manager’s boss, HR advisor, and built-in expert coaching.
  • A comprehensive curriculum of specialized leadership skills that allows for practice and real-life use of skills critical to success.
In short, it is a new manager onboarding approach like no other.

Give your new managers the onboarding tools they need to succeed. Give them PowerStart Onboarding today.

“When I was promoted to run a business unit that needed a fast turnaround, the PowerStart program’s recommended approaches helped me quickly get my hands around what I needed to do.”— General Manager, Atlanta, Georgia