An Interactive Onboarding Program for Leaders


In a perfect world, every onboarding program would include a personal onboarding coach who helps newly placed leaders learn and apply skills, foster relationships, solve onboarding challenges, and achieve performance milestones during the crucial first four months.

In the real world, providing a personal onboarding coach for every new manager isn’t practical. But giving them PowerStart Onboarding is.

The PowerStart Onboarding program provides the support an organization and its new leaders need to forge a successful partnership.

It’s a self-directed learning experience that includes:

  • Four months of expert guidance in a formal structure that ensures onboarding progress.
  • Eight critical leadership skills presented in time-efficient, practical learning modules.
  • Specialized leadership tools that adjust to the specific situation and needs of the newly placed leader.
  • Just-in-time learning, consisting of leadership skills and tools, best practices, and expert counsel.
  • Immediate use of the best-practice skills in on-the-job applications.

The PowerStart Onboarding program was designed to be so valuable to new leaders—managers, emerging leaders, and executives—and their organizations that participants will actually want to use it. It’s about having the tools for immediate and long-term success and making the most of them.

Coaching tools. Real-life assignments. Just-in-time solutions. PowerStart Onboarding has it all.

PowerStart Onboarding Is …

  • Efficient: Information is centralized and delivered to leaders’ desktops in concise, user-friendly formats with links to helpful tools. It offers 24-hour access, 7 days a week—it’s just-in-time support, anytime.
  • Flexible: Meets the information and learning needs of leaders with different levels of experience and skills, operating at different organizational levels and with various work styles.
  • Intuitive: Follows a logical process flow and mirrors how leaders carry out their roles.
  • Inclusive: Creates a support network for the new leader, comprising the leader’s boss, HR adviser, and mentor or coach. All of them have access to the program and are given the tools to play their roles as “process partners.”

“This course material is practical and brilliant in its simplicity. I had high expectations, and the program met them very well.” — Division Manager, Greensboro, North Carolina