Why We Created PowerStart Onboarding


Most organizations assume that a recruited or promoted leader will already have the knowledge and skills required for successful onboarding. The reality, though, is that many newly placed leaders—even top executives with years of experience—falter or fail because they’re not prepared to succeed in their new environment and role.

Most onboarding programs used by new leaders are ad-hoc or learned from their bosses, who are not necessarily modeling best-practice onboarding approaches. As a result, new leaders often experience slowed or, worse, derailed onboarding experiences at a significant cost to their organization and their careers.

PowerStart Onboarding prevents those missteps while smoothing the way for a new leader to be effective. The program essentially creates a performance management system that leads to positive outcomes.

There are many onboarding programs in the marketplace, but only one PowerStart Onboarding. Our clients agree that it’s the one your leaders need for a successful onboarding experience.

“Our company had experienced too much costly turnover in our management team. Implementing the PowerStart Onboarding program has had a significant impact on fixing that problem.” — CEO, Washington, D.C.