Frequently Asked Questions About PowerStart Onboarding


How is PowerStart Onboarding different from other onboarding programs available in the marketplace?

Many so-called onboarding programs consist of a $99 DVD or downloadable lesson. In 30 minutes or less, they tell a new leader about the challenges of onboarding … and that’s it. They provide a basic outline and expect that the leaders will have the skills to follow it. Other programs market individual management skill courses for a variety of challenges, but they don’t provide any integration as an onboarding support system. And still others offer extensive live coaching to help a new leader follow an onboarding roadmap, but at a high price tag that doesn’t include skills development or an online resource for 24/7 access by the new leader.

PowerStart Onboarding is better in every way. It is a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to onboarding support and specialized leadership development that is delivered over four months. Of the program’s nine modules, one is the detailed roadmap and the others are the integrated, aligned, just-in-time skills courses, each embedded with expert coaching guidance. It’s the only program that delivers the best practices, leadership skills, and coaching needed to go from roadmap to results.

In addition, PowerStart Onboarding is delivered as a turnkey learning management system. The online application is accompanied by support communications and ongoing program administration, such as progress and graduation reports. A certificate of completion is issued to each graduate as well.

What are the components of the PowerStart Onboarding program?

PowerStart Onboarding is a comprehensive program that, depending on the newly placed leader’s level, combines consulting and coaching with a unique Web-based application. It provides the new leader with an online central source of onboarding information, custom tools and resources, and expert advice.

How long does the onboarding process take?

Successful executive transitions can take from 12 months to more than two years, depending on a number of variables. The PowerStart Onboarding program provides extended support for four months or longer. The daily or weekly time investment will vary by individual situation. The program is intensive but also sensitive to the time and performance pressures on executives and managers. In fact, it provides practical ways to deal with these pressures.

What benefits can the new leader and the organization expect from the PowerStart Onboarding program?

A newly placed leader will adapt and become a full contributor in the organization faster, better, and with fewer destabilizing effects. In addition, PowerStart Onboarding:

  • Ensures alignment between organization and individual priorities and expectations.
  • Reinforces and adds to management disciplines and leadership development activities.
  • Supports team processes and increases their effectiveness.
  • Reduces costs of rough starts or failure.
  • Builds a foundation for the long-term success of the new leader.