Why You Need PowerStart Onboarding


It’s simple: You put 100 percent effort into recruiting and promoting well. But that’s only 50 percent of the equation for leadership success.

The other 50 percent is the onboarding process—giving the newly hired or promoted leaders the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed quickly in their new roles.

PowerStart Onboarding is all that: a comprehensive performance management and leadership development system based on onboarding best practices.

It provides guides, tools, resources, advice, and counsel to newly placed leaders during their critical first four months on the job. PowerStart Onboarding (including personalized coaching for top executives) helps them focus on the necessary actions while anticipating and managing challenges.

Through it, new leaders receive just-in-time guidance on how to:

  • gain organizational insight,
  • build key relationships,
  • fit into the culture,
  • build a high-performing team,
  • lead significant changes,
  • anticipate and avoid pitfalls, and
  • meet and exceed expectations.

“Until now I’ve never been taught how to start a new job. This program is awesome; I plan to use it again as I build my new management team.” — Director-Operations, Upper Marlboro, Maryland