Shared Responsibility: A Unique Onboarding Strategy


PowerStart Onboarding is different from other programs because of its unique onboarding strategy. We view onboarding as a shared responsibility between the newly placed leader and the organization, and we provide tools to help everyone in the relationship succeed.

In most scenarios, onboarding is viewed as the organization’s responsibility: It bears the burden of the leader’s success and needs to provide information, resources, and support toward that goal.

That’s all true. But our onboarding strategy gives the new leader equal responsibility.

He or she must:

  • Communicate effectively to gain insight and start building key relationships.
  • Manage the relationship with his or her new boss, agreeing on mutually developed expectations and priorities for action.
  • Analyze the inherited business situation and take the appropriate leadership actions.
  • Understand and show respect for current culture and historical precedents.
  • Evaluate the organization’s talent and begin to develop a high-performing team.
  • Build the foundation for needed changes and secure organizational support.
  • Target and achieve important early wins that meet expectations and create momentum for his or her leadership agenda.
PowerStart Onboarding provides a detailed onboarding roadmap to guide the new leader through these onboarding responsibilities. Our comprehensive process integrates what should be done and when it should be done with the leadership skills and tools to know how to do it right.

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“PowerStart is a wonderful program. It guided me through various organizational scans, assessments and discussions with my new boss and team. And it gave me the information I needed to be successful in my new role and organization.” — Chief Marketing Officer, Dallas, Texas