See PowerStart Onboarding Successes

We’ve already told you how valuable PowerStart Onboarding is, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experiences:

  • “Until now I’ve never been taught how to start a new job. This program is awesome; I plan to use it again as I build my new management team.” — Director-Operations, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
  • “The online content was very helpful in guiding my approach to all the early challenges I faced. But the most valuable part was how the program allowed me to quickly develop a great relationship with my new boss.” — VP-Finance, Ontario, California
  • “The positive feedback we received through our user surveys, and continue receiving from unsolicited testimonials, has reinforced the great value of the PowerStart Onboarding program.”— AVP-Leadership Development, San Antonio, Texas
  • “When I was promoted to run a business unit that needed a fast turnaround, the PowerStart program’s recommended approaches helped me quickly get my hands around what I needed to do.” — General Manager, Atlanta, Georgia
  • “During the past four years we institutionalized the PowerStart program at all levels of management. As a result, our promotable talent who first used the program for their leadership development are now using it for onboarding support after their promotion to a more senior management role.” — Director, Learning Systems, San Antonio, Texas
  • “This has been a great program, one that I feel very fortunate to have participated in.” — Senior Vice President-Human Resources, Seattle, Washington
  • “As an executive experienced in starting new positions, I believed I wouldn’t need the PowerStart program in my current onboarding—that I would do everything that the program was reminding me to do without help. The truth is that I wouldn’t have! The program provided valuable guidance.” — Senior Vice President, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • “The PowerStart program forced me to play a more active role in our new CFO’s onboarding. I thought I was a good coach before, but I learned how to provide a high level of real support. Our CFO actually thanked me for providing the PowerStart program to ensure her success.” — CEO, Santa Ana, California
  • “This course material is practical and brilliant in its simplicity. I had high expectations, and the program met them very well.” — Division Manager, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • “My last boss should have had this program. I remember my onboarding process with him was a real struggle. This time my new boss was using the program, and we are quickly becoming a strong team.” — AVP-Branch Operations, Boston, Massachusetts
  • “Thanks to PowerStart Onboarding I am better equipped to be the leader that my boss is counting on me to be.” — COO, Ft. Smith, Arkansas
  • “Our company had experienced too much costly turnover in our management team. Implementing the PowerStart Onboarding program has had a significant impact on fixing that problem.” — CEO, Washington, D.C.
  • “Thank you for a wonderful program! There is so much valuable information contained in the online material.” — AVP-Administration, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • “I simply could not have accomplished what I did, as soon as I did, without the PowerStart Onboarding program. It positioned me for success.” — AVP-Marketing, Santa Barbara, California
  • “I’m confident in saying the PowerStart Onboarding program has made our new IT manager’s start in the organization the best I could imagine.” — Manager-Human Resources, Lansing, Michigan
  • “PowerStart is a wonderful program. It guided me through various organizational scans, assessments and discussions with my new boss and team. And it gave me the information I needed to be successful in my new role and organization.” — Chief Marketing Officer, Dallas, Texas
  • “The program’s structured approach to my onboarding process actually saved me time by making all my leadership to-do’s very efficient. — Department General Manager, Houston, Texas